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Buyer's guide to buying a second hand mobile phone

The Advantages

Buying a second hand mobile phone is a great way of saving money. The majority of people now regard mobile phones as a fashion item rather than a useful tool, and hence there is a fantastic opportunity for people who are not concerned about the "trendiness" of a phone to be able to buy last years mobiles at exceptionally low prices.

If you are more concerned about performance than looks, then buying secondhand is an excellent idea BUT, there are some pitfalls to watch out for......

The Disadvantages

Buying a second hand mobile phone almost always carries an element of risk if you are buying privately. Yyou have no guarantees regarding the performance or the history of the mobile - there is a very high level of theft within the mobile phone market (recent data shows 8% of mobiles in London are stolen) and when buying privately it is almost impossible to know if you are buying a stolen phone.

The "Locked" Phone

If you buy a second hand mobile phone - you must also check what tariffs and call rates you will be able to use. For instance, the vast majority of mobile phones are "locked" to a particular tariff (or network). Hence, if you want to buy a mobile phone in order to connect it to a particular tariff, the chances are you would need to have the phone "unlocked" to enable it to work.

The common charge to have a phone unlocked (by authorised retailers) is £35 and this unlocking fee can mean you may have been better to buy a new mobile in the first place.

Problem Solved

All the reconditioned phones offerd on our site come with one of two excellent tariffs which you will not find in the High Street. This means any phones you order are complete and ready for use from day one. If you are a little unsure of the tariffs - don't worry, as all our phones also come with a 90 day no quibble money back guarantee. This means you will have the chance to see a couple of monthly bills and give the service a thorough try at no risk.

Peace of mind

Another thing to watch out for when buying secondhand mobile phones is the reliability. If a phone has an intermittent fault, you may not discover the fault until after you have handed over your cash. Most mobile phones sold by private individuals will be sold on an "sold as seen" basis - which basically means you are buying what you see, and you have no come back if the phone doesn't actually work half an hour later.

However, faulty phones are not an issue with us as all our phones are covered with a free 12 month warranty.

Change your mind ?

It is unusual when buying something second hand to be offered a money back guarantee. In fact, by law, even new mobile phones only generally come with a 14 day money back option.

We believe you can only really evaluate a mobile phone service by using it for at least a couple of months - and see the monthly bills.

90 days - money back guarantee

We offer a no quibble 90 day money back guarantee on all the phones we sell. You have nothing to lose by trying.