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Call Cost Control

A great new way to keep control on your call spend - also ideal for your kids mobile!

If you are worried about spending too much on your mobile phone (or worried about your children spending too much) - then worry no more.

All our phones can be set to work with our unique call cost control feature which simply allows you to set a limit to your monthly bill.

How does it work?

Once you receive your phone, simply call Customer Services and request the "call cost control" be activated.

When you reach your chosen monthly limit, your phone will only be able to receive calls and make emergency outgoing calls.

However, before you reach your monthly call limit, a text message will be sent to let you know you are approaching your limit.

Your phone will automatically be reactivated at the start of each calendar month or alternatively you can reactivate your phone by calling Customer Services and quoting your chosen password.

The Great NEW Alternative to "Pay As You Go"

Our "call cost control" feature gives you all the advantages of having a "Pay As You Go" phone without the hassle and also gives you the benefits normally only associated with contract phones.