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Donate your old mobile phone to charity

Mobile Phones For Charity

donate mobile phones to charity

We are glad to offer our support to a very worthy project.

Consumer electronics is one of the evils of modern day life. In the UK alone, 75% of all homes have at least one mobile phone. The average user replaces their mobile phone once every 18 months - this means there are an estimated 16.5 million mobile phones falling into "unused" state every year - that's 1 mobile phone every 2 seconds! and that's just in the UK.

Mobile phones are difficult items to dispose of - all the plastic, metal and batteries. The sad fact is since most mobile phones are sold as fashion accessories people are throwing away perfectly good (useable) mobile phones.

Fortunately, ActionAid Recycling can benefit from "old" mobile phones. They can be passed on to other countries in the world generating an income for themselves and helping other people communicate.

This is brilliant - no longer does an "old" mobile need to be dumped in a landfill site, but someone somewhere has their life improved by having the use of a mobile phone and someone else has their life improved due to the income generated for the charity.

If you have an old mobile phone that you no longer use - please consider donating it to charity.

donate mobile phones to charity