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Nokia 3210

Reconditioned used mobile phone

Size: 124 x 50 x 22mm
Weight: 151g
Battery: 1250 mAh NiMH
Recharge Time: 6 Hours
Battery Talktime: up to 270 minutes
Battery Standby Time: up to 160 hours (7 days)
Phone Memory Capacity: 99 names and numbers

call cost control

90 Day Money Back Guarantee
FREE UK Delivery

Each Nokia 3210 comes fitted with new front and back covers, battery, mains charger and is boxed with instruction manual. It is fully ready to use from day 1.

Connected to one of two great tariffs:

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buy a nokia 3210

* The first 100 minutes each month are charged at 8p per minute. 5p rate applies to all standard calls in excess of 100 minutes per month.
** Text messages to other mobiles on the Plus or Xtra tariff are just 2p each, text messages to other mobiles are 8p each.

The Xtra tariff (no line rental) is subject to a minimum monthly spend of £3. If you do not use more than £3 worth of calls in a month, your bill will still be £3.

All calls are charged per second rather than rounded up to the nearest minute. Hence a 70 second phone call charge is not rounded up to 2 minutes as with many other mobile phone operators.