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Nokia 3310

Reconditioned used mobile phone - the UK's most popular phone

Size: 113 x 48 x 22mm
Weight: 133g
Battery: 4 hours 30 minutes talk time
Battery Standby Time: up to 10 days
Ringtones: 35 preset plus 7 user definable
Monthly Itemised Statement: FREE

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No Minimum Term Contract

call cost control

90 Day Money Back Guarantee
FREE UK Delivery

Each Nokia 3310 comes boxed, complete with battery, mains charger, sim card and instruction manual - everything you need to use it from the moment it arrives. You will be able to make calls from it as soon as you activate it. There are no top up cards to buy as you simply pay for calls by direct debit after you have made them rather than paying in advance.

Choose one of two great tariffs:

(We do not supply phones without an associated tariff. If you just want to buy a phone on its own, try

The Xtra tariff (no line rental) is subject to a minimum monthly charge of £3. For example, if you only use £2 worth of calls and text messages in a month, your bill will be £3. Note, this is not a line rental, it is simply a minimum bill amount. So, if you make 30 minutes of standard calls in a month, your bill will still only be £3. Another way of looking at this is to say £3 a month gives you 30 free minutes per month.

order securely
buy a nokia 3210

Monthly cost of the MobileXtra tariff
compared to standard Pay As You Go tariffs


Standard Daytime
Minutes Per Day*


Pay & Go

Pay As You Go

Just Talk








HOT NEWS: We have now sold out of the Nokia 3310, please visit, Cheap Mobile Phones UK

Now, you can keep your number.

If you already have a mobile phone number (for example you may have a sim card, but no phone), you can transfer your number to us (even if your existing mobile is Pay As You Go). You simply need to contact your existing phone supplier and request a "PAC" code (Porting Authorisation Code). This is a 9 character code which allows your number to be transferred from your existing provider to your new reconditioned phone.

If you wish to keep your existing mobile phone number, please make sure you have your PAC code BEFORE you order one of our phones so you can include the details with your order when requested. In rare cases, number transfers can take up to 30 days (7-10 days is the normal). You will be able to make outgoing calls, but not receive calls until your number is transferred. You will be notified in advance of the date of transfer.

How do I get my PAC?

For your assistance we have included some contact numbers for you to get your PAC code.

02 (BT Cellnet): Call 100 from your mobile
or 0870 5 214 000 (and ask for your contract area)

T Mobile (One2One): Call 121 from your mobile
or 0845 4 121 121

Orange: Call 0800 80 10 80

Virgin: Call 0845 6000 070 or 0845 6000 789

Vodafone: Call 08080 945 945